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Press Kit for 2/28/2007 Press Conference Announcing Introduction of
Fair Currency Act of 2007.

(Download PDF 1.48MB)

Kit includes:
1. Copy of H.R. 782, the Fair Currency Act of 2007, introduced on January 31
    by Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA)
2. List of co-sponsors of the legislation as of 2/28/2007.
3. Quotes on Currency Manipulation compiled by the AFL-CIO.
4. Coalition press release dated 2/13/2007: A New High in the U.S./China Trade
    Deficit is a New Low for American Manufacturing, Workers, and Agriculture.
5. Letter of Appreciation from CCC to Congressmen Hunter and Ryan.
6. U.S. Business and Industry Council press release: USBIC Hails Reintroduction of
    Hunter-Ryan Currency Manipulation Bill

Remarks by AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka at October 13, 2005 Press Conference
(Download PDF 175kb)

U.S. Industry/Worker Coalition Assails China's Monetary Policy of Undervaluing Currency (10/13/2005 Press Release)
(Download PDF 88kb)

China's Surplus: The Real Numbers/Press Conference/October 13, 2005
(Download PDF 415kb)

Statement of Peter Morici, Ph.D./Press Conference/October 13, 2005
(Download PDF 62kb)

Statement of Doug Bartlett/Press Conference/October 13, 2005
(Download PDF 229kb)

Statement of Richard Trumka/Press Conference/October 13, 2005
(Download PDF 74kb)